Your Children

Many children grow up these days without ever having a cavity.

Home care of brushing and flossing, plus professional check-ups, teeth cleaning and pit and fissure sealants on the hard to clean places on the teeth have all been a significant part of this success.

If your child needs a cavity filled, our team is ready to work with their individual needs to make the procedures as comfortable, fun and educational as possible.

Need a Filling?

Fillings have come a long way from the traditional silver metal.  Most back teeth can now be restored with very strong composite material that is strong, durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

Digital Radiography

Digital Imaging is an important part of a complete diagnosis. Patients enjoy seeing their images on the screen because it helps us describe conditions and solutions.


Invisalign is a popular way to straighten adult teeth and improve biting function.

Dr. Jonathan Skuba can get you on your way to your smile goals with Invisalign. It’s an outstanding option for simple correction of crooked or rotated teeth.

Free consultations are available to see if you are a candidate for this effective orthodontic treatment.

Let’s talk

Private rooms provide you with the utmost in comfort and confidentiality for discussion of your dental treatment planning, updates to your medical history and to connect with you in a professional-personal relationship.